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26 Bangladeshi Dead In Libya

Family members of a local human trafficker have shot dead 26 Bangladeshi in Libya. Four more Africans were killed in the incident. His family carried out the massacre in retaliation for the death of the human trafficker.

The country’s English-language media outlet, The Libya Observer, reported on its Facebook page on Thursday night, May 28, that the slain Bangladeshis were hostages of the human trafficker killed in the town of Mizda.

A statement from the UN-backed government’s interior ministry said the traffickers had been killed by migrants on Tuesday night (May 26th). A total of 30 people, including 26 Bangladeshi, were killed on the spot when his associates and relatives opened fire indiscriminately on the hostage-takers.

Another 11 Bangladeshi were seriously injured in the incident. They have been admitted to the local hospital.

The news was also reported on the Facebook page of the Libyan Expatriate Welfare Forum.

News Room, May 29,2020