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610 Kindergartens in Chandpur

610 Kindergartens in Chandpur

More than half a million children are getting primary education from kindergarten.
The total number of students in kindergarten educational institutes in 8 upazilas of Chandpur district is 77,849. The number of kindergarten educational institutions is increasing in every upazila in the district. These educational institutions are playing a major role in meeting the lack of primary education in the district, even under certain limitations.

Parents feeling the need for pre-primary education of their children are currently enrolling their children in kindergarten education institutes established in every area of ​​the village, starting from the city area.

According to sources in the Chandpur District Primary Education Office, there are currently five kindergarten institutions in 8 upazilas of Chandpur district as per the demand for a new book for the year 2020. All schools are allowed to pass the grades in the fifth grade and books are provided free of cost from pre-primary to fifth grade. In the year 2020, about 300,000 copies of books are required in these institutions of the district.

According to sources in the District Primary Education Office, the number of kindergarten students in Chandpur Sadar is 14,660, the number of students in Kachua upazila is 13,483, the number of students in Hajiganj upazila is 8,904 ,the number of students in the haimchar upazila is 1750,the number of students in Shahrashti Upazila is 8,110 students, the number of students in Matlab South upazila is 7,315 ,the number of students in Faridganj upazila is 13,333.

Every 1st and 2nd grade student will get 3 new books and in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will get 6 new books.

In response to a question, the District Primary Education Office told the Chandpur Times, ‘Only kindergarten students were allowed to complete the fifth grade exams’.

In response to another question, it is reported that, under the policy of government etiquette,government scholarships are not provided in the kindergarten institution. Students studying kindergarten are likely to open nursery in pre-elementary education in the government’s academic year by 2021, so parents of these kindergarten students may no longer have the opportunity to teach. There is a directive in this regard that the children of a teacher of a government elementary school will not be able to study their in kindergarten.

According to a Kindergarten Association data, most of the kindergartens in Chandpur have between 7-8 teachers and an average of 150-250 students.

Also, in some educational institutes, teachers create pleasant atmosphere and adequate sports facilities. In these educational institutes,teachers teach themselves through delightful way. Various competitions are also organized on national days.

For the first time in the eighties, ‘Bakshis’ leader Principal Safayat Ahmad Bhuiyan was run an organization called Railway Kindergarten, a little west of the Courtstation. Currently these institutions are being run through several kindergarten associations.

The Encyclopedia shows that kindergarten children’s pre-school or pre-school educational institutions are specialized. The word kindergarten is ‘German’. Which means that the term ‘kindergarten’ was created by Frederick Froebel, the famous German child-educator.

In 1837, he introduced the concept of education at ‘Bad Blanken burg’ in USA, with children moving from home to school and participating in sports and institutional activities.

His purpose was – children would be nurtured by proper maintenance and ‘kindergarten’ would be like garden plants in kindergarten. Children will attend kindergarten, play with each other, protect each other, and engage in appropriate activities with each other.

In the classroom, a teacher will carry a variety of educational materials. Then by applying realistic and artistic techniques to the materials,they will attract the child’s attention. Apply appropriate language and vocabulary , encourage the student to read. Teaching mathematics, science, music, arts, social behavior, is also the main responsibility of the teacher.

Usually, children spend most of their time at home. Upon entering kindergarten, all the management authorities take care of them. Authorities have tried to protect the parents or guardians from worry and anxiety by opening the door to assistance and enriching the child with the environment.

This can be a wonderful opportunity for regular children to be a meeting place through sports and interaction or communication. In kindergarten as a pre-school, the average age for a typical student is 3 to 5 years. In their minds the family environment is always present.

Abdul Ghoni,December 22,2019