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About 13 Million Children In The World Are Under Threat

About 13 million children in the world are under threat.The world is now at risk from the Covid-19 epidemic. The number of victims is increasing day by day, the world economy has come to a standstill. Not only that, now the future generation is threatened by coronavirus.

Around the world in 2020, there is a crisis in the vaccines needed to save the lives of about 13 million children. Even in 2018, a large number of children were not vaccinated.

According to the report, the coronavirus epidemic has forced more than two crore children to undergo compulsory immunization in different countries. As a result, children with poor health can be affected by measles, polio and other diseases.

Statistics show that the threat is not limited to poor countries. Even developed countries are at risk of vaccination. The proportion of first-dose measles vaccines in children in the UK has dropped significantly. The United Kingdom is currently among the top three low-income countries in the list of immunizations.

Sacha Deshmukh, executive director of UNICEF, said: “The UK is already at risk of measles outbreaks. Disruption of routine vaccination services in the current health crisis will increase the risk of measles in children in the country.

He added that “Now the government should help parents to vaccinate their children.” According to UNICEF, the situation is similar in low-income countries.

The highest number of Ethiopian children have been deprived of the first dose of measles. In 2018, about 19 million children under the age of one were not vaccinated against measles in the country. That number did not decrease in 2020.

Ebola outbreak In Congo, about 2,242 children died of measles last year in 2019. The country has not yet been able to supply the vaccine. According to statistics, around 32 million children across South Asia have been deprived of routine immunizations since 2018.

Experts fear that coronavirus vaccines could delay vaccination worldwide by almost a decade.

News Room, April 27,2020