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Governor Has Allowed Marriage In Video Call In New York

The governor has allowed marriage in video call in New York to lockdown.New York was once a Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Metropolitan Museum, United Nations headquarters. Twenty-four hours a day, the New York City died of corona artery. Among them, the governor allowed marriage in a video call in New York in Lockdown.

A strange trend has taken place around the city. Apartments nearby are not opening up to the windows for fear. Bodies and bodies all around. In New York City alone, Corona has so far died of 17,971. 2 lakhs and 41 thousand have been affected. In such dire circumstances, the lives of New Yorkers have stopped.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has given permission to marry a video call to give some joy to the life of a downtrodden citizen. The governor said Saturday that New York residents will be able to hold their wedding ceremony through video calls while the city’s marriage office is closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Cuomo says, “I am issuing an executive order that New Yorkers will be allowed to obtain marriage licenses and executives will be allowed to perform the ceremony via video conference.”

The bride and groom usually have to apply for a marriage permit in New York to attend the Marriage Bureau. However, the law was relaxed because of coronation. So that residents of the city can get married in Lockdown by video call.

News Room,April 19,2020