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The ‘Stepping stones’ written by Anwar, son of Faridganj, available at book fair

From Europe to Asia, the distance is a lot. To describe it more simply, the distance of Bangladesh from America is not less. But the spiritual relationship has made this geographical distance absolutely normal.

The relationship of the root cannot be forgotten, nor does it end. There have been many such instances throughout the ages. Usually, such examples are seen by older or young men and women.

Anwar Ibrahim Kader set an example by shortening the distance between Bangladesh and America. We can take this type of thoughts in his young age very positive way.

An American teenager of Bangladeshi descent set up a foundation in Bangladesh. Under the initiative of that foundation, Anwar is coming to his village home in Bangladesh with a scholarship for students of the Faridganj Upazila of Chandpur district.

He also has a creative mind. He published a book of poetry and he is also very popular in Faridganj.

Anwar Ibrahim Qadir was born and raised in the United States. He learned a lot from her grandmother by watching and listening to Bangladeshi culture and customs. He came to Bangladesh with his family two years ago. He fell in love with this country after staying in Bangladesh for a few months.

The nature, the people, the culture of this country overwhelms him. For the past few months in Faridganj, there has been a desire to work with education and backward society.

So he decided to give scholarships to the students immediately. The dream of working with society has been around for a long time. The “One Tech” Foundation was established from that dream.

It is actually a non-profit private company based in North Carolina, USA. Anwar is a tenth grade student at Weddington High School in North Carolina, USA. Anwar has recently published a book of poetry called ‘Stepping Stones’. The book is available at 522,523,524 stalls of the book fair.

The English version of the book of poetry has been published by Behula Bangla Prakashani of Bangladesh. Prominent novelist Imdadul Haq Milan wrote the foreword.

Most of the poems in the book were written at the time when he was a student in 9th grade in his school days.

Anwar donated all the money from the sale of books to social development. All the proceeds from the sale of his book ‘Stepping Stones’ were donated to the meritorious students of the Dhanua High School.

The main goal of Anwar Kader is for students, to grow up to be as dreamy as possible. A few officials of ‘One Tech Foundation’ recently attended an event in Dhanua. It was presided over by the executive board, principal, and students of Dhanua Janata High School.

At that time it was said to provide scholarships to the students in that institution. They are also proud of the activities of Anwar.

Correspondent: Shimul Hasan, March 08,2022