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App Identified 15,000 Corona Patients In Saudi

App identified 15,000 Corona patients in Saudi.In Saudi Arabia, 15,000 Corona patients have been identified through a special online app.

The app of the country’s health ministry was downloaded by 6 lakhs people and they informed the government about the identity of Corona through that app. News Arab News.

The country’s health ministry said 15,000 new Covid-19 patients had been identified.

Health Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Abed al-Ali advised everyone to voluntarily share their health information with the government through the app and to comply with hygiene rules.

The government will re-examine the 15,000 patients identified through the app. The Ministry of Health also said that 268 labs of the country are ready for this.

The total number of people infected with corona in Saudi Arabia is 16,299 and 136 people have died. In the last 24 hours, 1,197 people have been newly infected and 9 have died. About 78 percent of the new victims are foreigners and most of them are expatriate workers.

If those identified through the app are confirmed through new lab tests, it will be included in the list of Covid-19.

News Room, April 26,2020