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Badal Roy withdraws his candidature after the end of time!

In the end, the current vice-president of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) Badal Roy withdrew from the contest. The former footballer has announced his withdrawal from the presidential candidacy. Today, Badal Roy’s wife came to the BFF building and requested to withdraw her husband’s nomination paper. However, one hour before this, the scheduled time for withdrawal of nomination papers ended at 5:00 pm yesterday(September 12).

BFF, however, has accepted his application. But now that the deadline has passed, the Election Commission will decide whether to accept Badal Roy’s application or not. Badal Roy had earlier announced that he would not leave . He became a candidate by reflecting on that. The former football star also vowed to stay on the election field till the end of the election.

However, in the end Badal Roy withdrew from the candidature. Former national team coach Shafiqul Islam Manik, however, is still running against Kazi Salahuddin for the post of president. The Election Commission will release the final list of candidates on Sunday at 3:00 pm (September 13).

News Room, September 13,2020