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Barca Will Have To Change Name Of The Club If Messi Leaves!

“Barcelona will have to change the name of the club if Messi leaves!”.Barcelona beat by Bayern Munich in margin of 8-2. Coach Setien has been laid off. Barcelona managers are sitting in an emergency meeting. But above all, the only thing Barca fans are looking for now is – Is Lionel Messi staying at Barca?

Messi has a contract with Barca till next year. However, after the blast at 8-2, everything in Barca is now random. It is said that Messi himself does not want to stay in Barca. At that age, Messi will still be able to play for another three to four years. Messi’s relationship with Barca managers is not going well.

Manchester City, PSG and Inter Milan are also interested in getting Messi!

However, Samuel Eto’o, who once played with Messi at Barcelona, said: “Barcelona should keep Messi at any cost. To ensure that Messi can end his career at Barca. Hopefully, the club’s board of directors will make such a decision for the good of Barcelona. I love Messi like my own child. I always want to see his success. And to me Messi means Barcelona. This club is Messi to me. If Messi decides to leave the club, we will have to find another name for Barcelona. The name of the club has to be changed. Because nothing else, Messi means Barcelona!’

Former Barcelona player Samuel Eto’o says: “Barca are fortunate to have the best footballers in the world.

News Room, August 18,2020