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Barcelona Scored 4 Goals Against Mallorca In Return Match

Barcelona scored 4 goals against Mallorca in return match. If Lionel Messi doesn’t score in the week of La Liga’s return, the style will not be complete. Messi returned to the field after 98 days, but the match was over without a goal.

However, that’s regret did not accompany Barcelona. He also made a name in the scoresheet at the time of addition. In the end, Barca also won easily.

Arturo Vidal scored in the 65th second to give Barca the lead.

Martin Brathwaite then scored the first goal in Barca jersey, Jordi Alba added another in the second half, and Luis Suarez also took the field for the first time since January. All in all, the new start was not bad for Barcelona.

The fourth goal of the added time is a bonus for Barcelona. The victory was already confirmed. Messi’s shot from the right foot inside the box hit the Mallorca defender and went into the net. Suarez also contributed to that goal. An assist was added to his name in the 57th minute. Messi ran horizontally inside the box and made a shot by evading two defenders. He has also touched the milestone of 20 goals in the league. He is also the only footballer to have scored at least 20 consecutive goals in La Liga for a decade. He had two assists before. Messi finished the match with one goal and two assists.

Barcelona’s start at Mallorca was like a dream. Frankie de Young snatched the ball from Kubo 25 yards out of the box. Jordi Alba crossed from the left edge. Vidal’s strong head was caught in the net and Barca went ahead.

Brathwaite, Antoine Griezmann started the attack with Messi. It’s like he wasn’t on the field until Suarez was replaced. But Brathwaite did not miss the opportunity. The Danish striker got the ball from Messi’s head inside the box. The ball just had to hit the spot, Brathwaite hit in the top corner. Barca doubled the lead in 37 minutes.

The match was supposed to be tough for Mallorca, who are 18th in the points table. Mallorca was supposed to be under more pressure after conceive a goal in the beginning.

However, from time to time they have also turned a blind eye to Barca’s defense. The former Barcelona academy player was showing hope to Mallorca in the first half. If kubo scored a goal, he might have been able to draw more light.

Real should be happy with what Kubo has done against Barca with a combination of speed and skill.

In the first half, Kubo blocked a powerful left-footed shot from outside the box, but Mark Andre Ter Stegan did not allow him to be the hero. Stegan also blocked his free kick in another round. Ante Budimir also made a good shot after the break, but it went out. In the away match, Barca got well on the empty field.

As a condition the field was empty. Where 200 people have entered the field, 100 more security guards have been deployed outside, there is no escape from the hands of the pitch invader. One of the supporters had just crossed the security fence and entered the field. Messi’s Argentine jersey later took a selfie with Alba again from a distance. The pitch invader with the artificial sound of the spectators – the entertainment of the television spectators has been like a normal match!

The old look has not changed the defense of Barca. Clement Langlett did not play in the match due to the ban. Samuel Umtiti was not there either. Ronald Arauho (21) was Gerard Pique’s partner. Barca’s defense did not get much momentum in the second half due to the big lead. But Kiki Setien will surely expect something better in the next matches.

After a clean shave after almost 5 years, Messi was as terrible as before. The news was that he had returned to the XI after overcoming his fears. At the end of the match, he is the title again. Keeping in mind the heat of June, there was a water break in both halves. After that break in the second half, Alba got the third goal of the match from Messi’s pass. Messi hit the ball from midfield, Alba then entered the box with the left edge. He hit the ball with his left foot in the bottom corner of the nearest post.

The two teams have used all the five transfers. However, Suarez is the only one to make an impact.

Even after a big victory, of course, no one has time to catch their breath.

Barca now tops the points table with a lead of 5 points. If Real Madrid wins against this time, of course, the gap will go down to two. Messi will return to the field on Wednesday night. Again, another team that is busy avoiding relegation is against Leganes.

News Room,June 14,2020