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Cost Of BCB Tour To Sri Lanka Is Five Crore Taka

The cost of the BCB tour to Sri Lanka is five crore taka.The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) may spend around Tk. 5 crore for the national and hyperperformance (HP) team in Sri Lanka.

The Bangladesh team is going to Sri Lanka first as they have not been in the game for a long time and for precautionary measures against coronavirus. The extra time will have to be paid by the BCB.

Having to take extra players with you for extra caution in coronaviruses. You have to go on a chartered plane. The BCB has to pay 150 per day for each cricketer to stay in a five-star hotel in Colombo. In addition, a room for 70 people will cost 10,500 dollars.

In all, the 21-day practice session could cost the board 220,500. About one crore 83 lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency.

There is an additional cost of corona test. The cost is getting higher as the accommodation and transportation system is not the same as before. The BCB has agreed to spend this huge amount of money to bring cricket back to the field even after playing only three Tests.

News Room, August 22,2020