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2 workers missing after bulkhead sinks in Meghna

Two workers missing after bulkhead sinks in Meghna. Two workers are missing after a sand-filled bulkhead sank in the Meghna River in Chandpur. The accident took place at midnight on Wednesday, June 9 in Mohanpur area of ​​Matlab South Upazila. Two of the four workers at Bulkhead were able to reach the shore by swimming in that accident, but two went missing after drowning.

The incident confirmed by Mohammad Wahiduzzaman, in-charge inspector of Mohanpur naval outpost.

The missing workers are Mohammad Mizanur (25) and Saju Sikder (32). The two rescued workers are Mohammad Mohiuddin and Naeem Sikder. Each of them lives in Taltoli upazila of Barguna district.

Mohanpur naval outpost in-charge (inspector) Wahidduzzaman said, ‘The sand-filled bulkhead left from Chandpur for Narayanganj anchored in the Meghna river at Mohanpur on Wednesday night. The bulkhead suddenly sank in the middle of the night.’

The two workers at the top of the rooftop were able to swim to shore, but the two sleeping inside drowned. Upon receiving the news, the police and fire service are conducting a rescue operation at the spot.

Chandpur Naval Area Superintendent of Police Kamruzzaman told that the bulkhead was half-submerged in water as it was full of sand. The whole thing sank between 1 and 2 o’clock at night. I think it may have been submerged due to wind and waves. Rescue operations have been going on in the river since morning to rescue the missing fishermen.

News Room, June 10,2021