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National Fisheries Week

National Fisheries Week begins in Chandpur

National Fisheries Week begins in Chandpur. The District Fisheries Department has formulated a comprehensive program on the occasion of National Fisheries Week in Chandpur. National Fisheries Week is being celebrated from today, August 28 and will be celebrated till September 3rd through various programs.

The theme chosen by the Fisheries Department of the National Fisheries Week 2021 to create mass awareness among the people of the country is: “We cultivate more fish and eliminate unemployment.”

The National Fisheries Week 2021 is being held from August 28 to September 3rd this year as every year with the aim of ensuring mass participation of the people in the expansion, conservation and development of fisheries resources and strengthening activities related to technology based fish farming and management.

A massive program has been formulated in Chandpur to celebrate the National Fisheries Week. An exchange meeting with journalists will be held on the first day of Saturday, August 28 at 3 pm at Chandpur Molhead.

On the second day, on August 29, in all the upazilas including Chandpur district, the release of fish and the distribution of prizes among the successful fish farmers will be held in their respective upazilas.

The program will be held at Sadar Upazila auditorium in Chandpur at 11 pm. The Upazila Fisheries Office will hold the program in the upazila.

On the third day, August 30, a special operation will be conducted in the entire district by the district administration, police administration, naval police, coast guard and fisheries department.

On the 4th and 5th day, on 31st August and 1st September, special counseling services in accordance with the hygiene rules, water, soil testing and giving advice and distribution of free masks against corona from 9 am to 5 pm.

On the 7th day, a relief program will be held among the fishermen at Chandpur Stadium. Successful completion will take place in Medina through the online zoom apps of the District Implementation Committee.

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, August 28,2021