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5 deaths in Chandpur due to Coronavirus

5 deaths in Chandpur Corona, 174 identified
In Chandpur, 5 more people died due to coronavirus (Covid-19). So far 204 people have died in Corona district.

In addition, 174 new corona were identified on Tuesday. With the new identification, the number of corona identities in the district has increased to 12,617. Of them, 8970 have recovered so far.

Civil Surgeon Md. Sakhawat Ullah confirmed the matter on Tuesday night, August 10.

According to the Chandpur Civil Surgeon’s Office, a total of 559 sample test reports were received on Tuesday. Of these, 174 reports came positive. Among the new victims are 92 in Sadar upazila, 28 in Hajiganj, 12 in Faridganj, 4 in Haimchar, 10 in Shahrashti, 1 in Kachua and 28 in Matlab South.

The total number of infected people in the district is 5314 in Chandpur Sadar, 1384 in Faridganj, 1136 in Matlab South, 1459 in Shahrashti, 1270 in Hajiganj, 728 in Haimchar, 720 in Matlab North and 606 in Kachua.

Among the 204 deaths in the district, 78 were in Chandpur Sadar, 30 in Faridganj, 13 in Matlab South, 28 in Shahrashti, 25 in Hajiganj, 6 in Haimchar, 13 in Matlab North and 11 in Kachua.

News Room, August 11,2021