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Fishermen are disappointed in Chandpur Hilsa Ghat

The fishermen stayed at home for 22 days as per the government ban to implement mother Hilsa protection activities. After the ban, they landed in the Padma and Meghna rivers after midnight with full hope. However, they are returning with frustration as they did not see Hilsa as expected.

Meanwhile, the stockists are happy that fish started coming to the wharf after the ban. The price of fish is a bit higher. They hope to catch more fish in two or three days.

On Tuesday, it was seen that the boro station ghat of Chandpur has got back its traditional form. The shout of the buyer and the seller is all around. Although the number of buyers at the wharf was few.

The price of 1 kg to 1200 grams size of Hilsa is 1150 to 1250 taka per kg, 800-900 grams of is being sold at 1050 to 1100 taka and 600 grams to 800 grams is being sold at 750 to 900 taka.

Disappointed fishermen Monir and Abdur Rahman, who returned from Meghna, said that their hopes of going to the river were not fulfilled. We took 10 to 12 people in a boat to the river. Where we sold fish back from the river for only 12 thousand taka.

They also said that they did not get the amount of fish they were supposed to get in the river at the end of the ban.

Biplob Khan and Nabir Hossain, stockists of the ghat, told, “We are happy. However, the amount of Hilsa that we had hoped for at that time did not come to the ghat. I hope that after two or three days, the import of Hilsa will increase.

Shabebarat Sarkar, general secretary of the Chandpur District Fisheries Merchants’ Association, told that the amount of fish imported to the ghat today is all our local Hilsa. However, I hoped that at least two to two and a half thousand maunds of Hilsa would be imported today. About 800 to 1000 maunds of Hilsa have been imported so far.

News Room, October 26, 2021