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Hilsa price

In Chandpur Hilsa price remains high despite increased supply

Hilsa is being sold at high prices in Chandpur even though increased supply. It is beyond the reach of the general buyer. As per buyers, the price has gone up as the supply of Hilsa is less than the demand in the market.

On Friday, it can be seen that at Chandpur Boro Station ghat, Hilsa is being sold at a price of Tk. 1,400 to 1,500 per kg. Hilsa weighing 800 grams is being sold at TK. 1,200 to TK. 1,300 per kg. Hilsa weighing 700 to 800 grams is being sold at TK. 1,000 per kg.

Buyers claim that this is the highest rate throughout the season in the market.

Sakhawat Hossain, a resident of Najir Para in Chandpur city, said, “I am disappointed to see the price in the peak season of Hilsa. I saw such a high price of Hilsa for the first time throughout my life. Even then, I bought 4 medium sizes Hilsa weighing 600 to 700 grams for 4,000 taka.

It was seen that there was an overflowing crowd of buyers at the wharf to buy hilsa. However, general buyers are leaving empty-handed after seeing the price. However, buyers from different districts including Dhaka are buying Hilsa without looking at the price.

Fishermen said that the reason for the increase in the price of hilsa in the busy season is that the market is getting fewer Hilsa according to the season. However, the demand for hilsa has increased. The demand of the buyers is not being met as there is less Hilsa.

“We are struggling to cope with the pressure from local buyers,” said one of the warehouse keepers.

People’s demands are high for Padma Meghna or local Hilsa in Chandpur.

Shabe Barat, general secretary of the Chandpur Fishermen’s Cooperative Society, told: This time the price of Hilsa is almost double. Because the supply is fewer than the demand.

Abdul Bari Jamadar Manik, president of Chandpur Fisheries Cooperative Society, said, “The 22-day mother Hilsa protection campaign will start from October 4. So the number of buyers at the wharf has increased. That is why the price of hilsa is relatively high.”

Chandpur Sadar Upazila Fisheries Officer Sudip Bhattacharya said As buyers at the wharf have increased, fishermen and traders have also taken advantage.

News Room, October 01, 2021