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Chandpur Police Next To Unemployed People

Chandpur police next to unemployed people.In the case of coronavirus, Chandpur District Police has distributed food items among the helpless and distressed people.

The district police department distributed food items to hundreds of poor people who were stranded in their homes at New Hostel grounds in Municipality and Narayanpur Popular High School in the upazila on Sunday, April 12.

Providing food assistance to the helpless and the distressed while maintaining social distance, the newly promoted police superintendent said. Mizanur Rahman Khan. Additional Superintendent of Police (Headquarters) Md. Asaduzzaman, Assistant Police Officer, Swapan Kumar Aich, Officer-in-Charge of Matlab south Police Station.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Headquarters) Asaduzzaman said that the distribution of food items among the helpless and poor people was started by the Chandpur District Police at New Hostel Field and Narayanpur Popula High School ground in the upazila. In the opinion, a total of 4,000 people will be provided with food items.

He added that many of the poorer helpless families in the current coronavirus situation in the country are now living unemployed.

During this time, the police have taken initiative to stand beside them in such way.

About 300 people have been provided food assistance in the Matlab south of the town on Sunday.

Correspondent: Shariful Islam, April 12,2020