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Total Corona Identified 159 Including 12 More In Chandpur

The corona of 12 more people has been identified in Chandpur. Among them 4 are from Chandpur Sadar, 3 from Hajiganj, 3 from Faridganj and 2 from Shahrasti. With this, the total number of patients infected with kerona in the district stood at 159.

The information was revealed by the Civil Surgeon’s Office on Thursday, May 28 at noon.

At present there are 159 people affected by corona in Chandpur district.

The upazila-wise statistics of 159 affected are as follows: 85 in Chandpur Sadar, 29 in Faridganj, 7 in matlab north, 8 in Kachua, 10 in Hajiganj, 10 in Shahrasti and 6 in Matlab south.

Currently total upazila-wise statistics of 13 deaths are as follows: 5 in chandpur sadar, 3 in Faridganj, 2 in Kachua,1 in Hajiganj,1 in shahrasti and 1 in Matlab North.

Sources in the Civil Surgeon’s Office said that a sample test report of 48 people was received on Thursday morning. Of these, 12 reports are not positive. The remaining 36 reported negative.

Chandpur Sadar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Sajeda Begum Palin said the four victims included two men (one 51 years old and another 52 years old) of Strand Road adjacent to Chowdhury Mosque in the city, one woman (22) of Barastation Club Road and one youth (24) of Kalandi village in Kalyanpur Union.

Our correspondent from Hajiganj quoted Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer HM Soyeb Ahmed Chishti as saying that one of the three newly infected people lives in Kachua Upazila. He came to Hajiganj and gave samples. However, he is living in Kachua. One of the other two is from Ward No. 5 of Hajiganj Municipal Area and the other is from Hajiganj Sadar Union. These two are in their home quarantine.

Out of these 3, one is a teacher, one is a businessman and one is working in marketing. Everyone is over 30 years old. Preparations are underway to lock down the houses of the victims.

Chandpur Correspondent, May 28,2020