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In Chandpur Total Number Of Corona Infected Including 9 More Is 1695

The number of corona infected in Chandpur including 9 more is 1695.

9 corona positive reports have come in Chandpur today.On the same day, 42 people were released from Corona.

Among the new victims are 4 from Chandpur Sadar, 1 from Matlab South and 4 from Hajiganj.

With this, the number of people affected by corona in the district has increased to 1695 people. The death toll was 72. So far 1074 people have been released from tax. 549 people are still undergoing treatment.

This information has been informed by the Civil Surgeon’s Office. Sources said 18 reports came in on Tuesday (July 28). 9 of these reports are not positive. The remaining 9 reports are not negative.

At present there are 1695 people affected by Corona in Chandpur district.The upazila-wise statistics of are 1695 people affected by Corona in district are as follows: 657 in Chandpur Sadar, 163 in Hajiganj, 190 in Faridganj, 132 in Matlab North, 73 in Kachua, 64 in Shahrasti, 191 in Matlab South and 125 in Haimchar.

The upazila-wise statistics of 72 deaths in the district are as follows: 20 in Chandpur Sadar, 17 in Hajiganj, 10 in Faridganj, 9 in Matlab North, 6 in Kachua, 6 in Shahrasti, 3 in Matlab South and 1 in Haimchar.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Sakhawat Ullah added that the total number of samples collected till Tuesday was 6524. There were 6255 reports. 269 ​​pending reports. He added that out of 1695 people affected in the district, 1074 have already recovered. 549 people are under treatment.

Correspondent, July 28,2020