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Corona Virus May Exist Forever : WHO

Corona Virus may exist forever: World Health Organization.The deadly coronavirus may never leave the earth forever. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Corona, which causes Covid-19 diseases like the HIV virus, could become a local virus.

The agency warned on Wednesday that all people around the world must learn to fight it and survive. It is not advisable to predict how long the virus will spread. Extensive efforts must be made to prevent this. This information was given in a report of the news agency Reuters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Covid-19 will never be completely wiped out as some countries begin to gradually relax the lockdown ban.

Michael Ryan, the WHO’s director of emergency operations, said in an online briefing, “It’s important to keep this on the table because this virus could become another local virus in our society.” We think we are realists and no one seems to be able to say when this virus will go away. There is no promise and no date to stop. The disease may be a problem for a long time, but it may not happen again.”

“The world had some control over how to fight the disease and survive,” Ryan said. Even if the vaccine is available, more work will have to be done.

The world is developing 100 possible vaccines. Some of these clinical trials are underway. However, experts understand that it is difficult to find an effective vaccine against coronavirus. Ryan said that although vaccines have been found for diseases such as measles, they have not been completely eradicated.

“We must all contribute to preventing this epidemic. Many countries will want to come out with different measures. However, our recommendation is that the alert should still be at the highest level in any country”, said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebreasus.

News Room, May 14,2020