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19 crore 41 lakh recovered in world

Another 7,443 people have died from the deadly coronavirus. At this time, more than four and a half lakh have been identified as newly infected. More than four lakh people have been newly healed.

The data was obtained from the international statistics website WorldoMeters on Monday, August 30.

According to the latest data from the WorldoMeters, the death toll in Corona has reached 45 lakh 15 thousand 53 people worldwide. The number of identities stands at 21 crore 72 lakh 14 thousand 884 people. So far 19 crore 41 lakh 14 thousand 330 people have recovered.

The United States still tops the world in corona infections and deaths. The number of corona identities in the country so far is three crore 96 lakh 65 thousand 515 people. Of these, six lakh 54 thousand 689 people died.

News Room, August 30,2021