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Cultivating Potato At Gomati Pasture

Cultivating Potato At Gomati Pasture.There is a smile on the face of the farmer on the possibility of yielding potato bumper.Large round potatoes have been planted this year in the Char area of ​​the district’s main river Gomati.

In the next few days, farmers will make their potatoes grown in the house. These are the different areas of Gomati Chowr in Burichang Upazila of Comilla.

On the tour of the land, it is known that the Gomati river is one of the most important areas in the district for vegetable cultivation. Various seasonal varieties are cultivated in this variety. This season, the cultivators of pomegranate have grown extensively along with other vegetables in the Burichang Upazila part of Gomati Chow.

Farmers cultivating potatoes in different villages of Mainamati, Sholnol, Varela North, Varela South, Pirajatpur Union along the rivers of the upazila. As the weather is favorable, the potato saplings fill the beds of the Gomati River with greenery. Farmers optimistic that the yield will be good. Now farmers are busy at the time of planting potato trees on the land.

Talking to farmers in different villages of the upazila, it has been reported that due to the favorable weather in winter season this year, there is a possibility of bumper yield on potato.

Farmers Ismail Hossain of Abduldarpur, Abdul Aziz and Mubarak Hossain of Govindpur village said that the prices of potatoes were reduced financially due to low prices of potatoes in the market last year. This year, farmers are hopeful that the price of potatoes will benefit accordingly.

Sripur village farmer Ruhul Amin told the Chandpur Times that about taka 15,000 was spent on potato cultivation in a potato field, including the application of drugs, irrigation, fertilizers and wages. He is happy with the condition of the field so he is more likely to benefit.

Agriculture Officer of the Burichang Upazila Md Shamim Hossain told the Chandpur Times that the target level for potato cultivation this year was to determine 950 hectares of land. The percentage has been achieved. Now that the weather is favorable, the disease is not there yet so the yield will be very good.

Meanwhile potatoes have started picking up in some areas of the Gomati river in the upazila, where the farmers have been expected to yield.

Jahangir Alam Imrul,January 18,2020