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Death-Infection are on the rise in Chandpur

Deaths and infections in Corona in Chandpur are on the rise again. Another 13 people have died in Chandpur due to corona infection and symptoms. They died at the 250-bed General Hospital in Chandpur in the last 24 hours. Seven of the dead were women.

Chandpur 250-bed General Hospital Residential Medical Officer and Corona Focal Person Dr. Sujauddaula Rubel said this on Monday, August 16.

Dr. Sujauddaula said relatives brought the patients to the hospital for treatment long after they were infected. In that situation, the level of oxygen in the patient’s body decreased and he fell into the lap of death.

District Civil Surgeon Sakhawat Ullah said that in the last 24 hours, 225 people have been identified as corona positive in the test of 673 people. The infection rate is 34 percent, which is still risky. In this situation, he requested everyone to follow the hygiene rules.

Meanwhile, samples of 50,250 people have been tested in Chandpur so far. More than 13,000 have been identified as infected with corona. And 222 people died. In addition, about 600 more died of corona symptoms.

This afternoon, the director of the health department in Chittagong. Hasan Shahriar is scheduled to visit several upazila health complexes, including the Chandpur 250-bed General Hospital. At the same time, he will exchange views with the doctors of the concerned hospitals.

News Room, August 16,2021