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Dangerous Chandpur river path through dense fog

Dense fog has become dangerous for the Chandpur waterway.Most passenger boats do not have modern equipment for movement inside the fog. As a result, the passenger fleet of Chandpur is taking risks.In this case,the sailors feared the accident. Besides, passengers were suffering due to dense fog due to obstruction of launch movement in Chandpur Meghna river. The launches could not reach the destination at the right time.

Meanwhile, they disobeyed the ban and left several launches from chandpur through the fog. There are some rules for launching fog most of the time, but no one complies. Because of this, the launches are leaving chandpur ghat with the threat. Not only that, there are occasional minor accidents. There is also the possibility of fatalities in major accidents at any time. BIWTA says the whistle should be stopped if the fog is on its way. In any way, there is a ban on the launch of risk.

Chandpur has been foggy in the sky since the beginning of December. Sometimes because of the dense fog, nothing is visible.During the day, the fog could not penetrate until the sunlight.In the meantime, the passenger boat is running at risk.

On the other hand, hundreds of passenger launches operate between Southern and Chandpur-Dhaka every year. As a result, the vessels were trapped in different areas of Chandpur. Besides, incidents like launch-to-face collisions are taking place. On the other hand, due to the fog, the southern launches run between 5-6 hours and Dhaka-Chandpur had to reach the destination 2-3 hours late. After being stuck in the river, hundreds of travelers of different ages, including children, women, old and old, suffer unlimited suffering.

Meanwhile, the launch MV Manik-4 left from Sureshwar in Shariatpur on December 4 and the launch of the launch left for Chandpur from Dhaka reached Bokdadiya-13 in Muktarpur area of ​​Munshiganj. A youth, Humayun Kabir, was gunned down on the spot. At least 12 were injured. On reaching Muktarpur in Munshiganj at midnight, Bogdadia-13 launches and MV Manik-4 launches with a huge push between the deck of the launch.

Mohammad Kalimullah, master of Bogdadia-7 launch at Chandpur launchghat, said that every year this season due to the dense fog, there are problems in launching. After launch, you have to drive slowly when there is a dense fog. If there is too much mist then anchor should be kept. Radar is needed, especially at night. But Chandpur has no modern equipment for the launch launches. We see an ecu sounder machine to see if the water is low in the dense fog. Advanced equipment is very important for launch operation.

He added that at least two masters are needed per launch, but only one works at many launches. Many times there was an accident due to the launch of the steering wheel. At many launches, the master leaves the launch at the helm, thinking of rest. Which is why the launch is risky. And in the dense fog must be launched by an experienced master. And the restrictions that have to be followed.

Launch supervisor Azgar Hossain said,’The launch was interrupted if fog was high in the river.Travelers have to suffer in general extreme misery’.

Chandpur Naval Police Station OC Abu Taher Khan said, “We give warning when launching in the fog. In case of dense fog, the river has been instructed to stop launching or to anchor in the nearby areas. We are also monitoring the launch of fitness launches and modern equipment. We will take legal action if anyone disobeys sanctions and sails at risk.

BIWTA Chandpur River Port Officer Md. Abdul Razzaq said, ‘There was no problem till this time due to fog in Chandpur. The launch of dense fog caused severe deterioration. The BIWTA directs all launch owners to comply with the rules. Besides, it is important to keep the necessary equipment for the launches.

Correspondent: Shariful Islam,Dec 26,2019