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Five People Including Two From Chandpur Died In Saudi Arabia

Five people including two from Chandpur died in Saudi Arabia.Corona virus infection and death rates continue to rise in Saudi Arabia. So far 5 deaths have been reported in Chandpur due to corona. However, the Saudi government has 4 names in the list so far. As of Thursday, the Saudi government had confirmed 137 Bangladeshi deaths in Corona.

Apart from Corona, many expatriate Bangladeshi remittance fighters are dying of heart attack. Especially unemployed, jobless and unpaid Bangladeshis are spending their time worrying. However, many have sent money to the country from loans or savings ahead of Eid.

According to the latest information released by the Saudi government on Thursday, May 21, Hafez Shahjan of Paikasta village in Ashikati union of Chandpur died in Corona, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His father’s name was Mohammad Hasan Ali.

Besides, Khaled Patwari of Raldia village of the same union died in Mecca on 17 May. However, Khaleq Patwari’s name has not yet been included in the Saudi government’s list. According to his family sources, he was hospitalized with corona for several days. He died on May 17 while undergoing treatment.

The other 3 people who died in Corona earlier in Chandpur district are: Siraj who died in Medina, father – Harun ur Rashid, village – Gabua, post office – Poeli Bazar, upazila – Matlab South, district – Chandpur. Mohammad Zahid, father- Mohammad Firoz, village- Charbhanga, post office- Gandamara, upazila- Haimchar, district- Chandpur. Died in Mecca- Siraj, Village- Fonashail, Post Office- Rahimnagar, Upazila- Kachua, District- Chandpur.

Correspondent, May 22,2020