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Diegos’ surgery completed

Diego Maradona was suffering from anemia and dehydration. He was admitted to Buenos Aires hospital on Monday with the problem. The next day, the doctors said that he had a blood clot in his brain. Urgent surgery is required. That surgery on the brain of this Argentine football superstar has been successful.

Maradona is now under observation at the Olives Clinic in La Plata, Buenos Aires. Doctors say Maradona is in good health. His surgery was successful. He does not have any major physical problems now.

Maradona was admitted to the Clinic in La Plata on Monday. But he was later taken to another Clinic in need of surgery on his brain. There is a neurosurgeon. Luke performed his surgery. Surgery of maradona takes about 80 minutes.

Maradona is currently in charge of coaching Argentina’s top league team, the Gymnasia Yai Patronato.

News Room, NOvember 04,2020