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Distribution Of Hand Sanitizer By Chandpur Government College

Distribution of hand sanitizer by the initiative of Chandpur Government College.Department of Chemistry and Botany of Chandpur Government College jointly manufactures 400 bottles of hand sanitizer following the WHO formula. Under the leadership of Professor Asit Baran Das, Principal of the College, at College Gate, on Monday, March 30, other teachers distributed hand sanitizer free of charge among the common working people under the awareness of the Corona virus. The College’s BNCC, Rover Scouts and youth red crescent assist overall in the distribution.

Former Secretary of the Teachers’ Council and Department Head of the Department of Geography and Environment Md. Wahiduzzaman, Assistant Professor QM Hassan Shahriar, General Secretary of the General Assembly of the Teachers Council of the Chandpur Government College, Assistant Professor of Botany, Kamrul Hassan, Assistant Professor of Bangla Department, Prof. Md. Masud Alam Along with other teachers and students.

Also on March 31, one week meals will be distributed among the low-income 120 families of the lower income groups. Chandpur Government College conducts various awareness programs on Corona virus among the general public.

News Room, March 30,2020