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Distribution of books at various institution in Chandpur

Students celebrate the book festival on the first day of year in a pleasant atmosphere in Chandpur.Secretary of Planning Ministry Nurul Amin handed over the books to the students of Ghoni model high school.Acting Deputy Commissioner Abdullah Al Mahmud Zaman,teachers of various educational institutions were present there.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (ICT and Education) Md. Dawood Hossain Chowdhury handed over the new book to the students of Matripith government girls high school.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (overall) SM Zakaria officially distributed the books at Chandpur Hasan Ali Government High School.

Book distribution festival has been celebrated at Akkas Ali Railway Academy in Chandpur.The guests were invited to present new book to students at the distribution ceremony.

The chief guest addressed the students and handed over new books to the students.The president of the school management committee freedom fighter Abu Nayem Patwary Dulal.

He said to the students, ‘In the middle of your education you have to develop yourself as a human being’.

The headmaster of school, Gofran Hossain ,Presided over by the function.And assistant teacher Abul Kashem Miyazi addressed as special guests. Abdul Malek.

The members of the school management committee and teachers were present there.The guests distributed the new year’s books about 600 students from the sixth grade to the ninth grade.

Book distribution festival held in the atmosphere of joy and celebration at Puranbazar Madhusudan High School. On Wednesday, January 01, at 11 am.

Chandpur Municipality Mayor Alhaj Nasir Uddin Ahmed inaugurated the books distribution festival as the chief guest.The head teacher of the school Ganesh Chandra Das and assistant teacher Mohammed Hossain, the vice-president of the school’s board and senior vice-president of the Chandpur chamber Subash Chandra Roy, vice president of the Chandpur chamber,Swazal Kanti Poddar and Manik Ghosh members of the school board also present there.

Book distribution festival was held at Shaheed Zabed High School in Chandpur town at 10 am on Wednesday. Invited guests and teachers handed over new books to the students in the festive and joyful atmosphere of the school premises.

Rafiq Ullah a member of Chandpur District Awami League, female councilor of Chandpur municipality Ayesha Rahman, assistant teacher of the school, assistant teacher of the school Md. Kamal, Amena Begum, Fahmida Farzana, Sultana Razia present there.Books were distributed among the students after the seminar.

New books have been formally distributed at Sabdar Khan Government Primary School in Chandpur. Freedom fighter Mominul Haque Ghazi, president of the guardian committee of the school Nurul Alam Palash, president of the managing committee Farooq Hossain Khan present there.

District Education Officer Md. Ghias Uddin said, ‘42,79000 new books were handed out 6,41,038 students at the 295 high schools and 195 madrasas in the district’.District Primary Education Officer Md. Shahbuddin formally distributed the books to the primary school.

Correspondent, January 01,2020