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Embassy Food Aid For Bangladeshi Migrating To Saudi Arabia

Embassy food aid for Bangladeshi migrating to Saudi Arabia.The distribution of food items to Bangladeshi migrants living in Saudi Arabia continues. So far, about 1500 (one thousand and five hundred) migrant Bangladeshi have been taken this assistance. A curfew has been in place in Saudi Arabia since March 23 due to an outbreak of the corona virus. In this situation, many of the migrant Bangladeshis are in financial crisis.
Initially, distribution of 1000 (one thousand) food baskets including rice, pulses, potatoes, onions, oil, salt and soap was completed. Due to the ongoing curfew and restrictions on movement, coupons of the super shop are being distributed to the expatriates, which will allow them to easily purchase the necessary items from the nearest outlet.

Earlier, the embassy issued a notification requesting the expatriate Bangladeshi to provide information on the embassy’s email or WhatsApp in case of extreme malnutrition and non-receipt of salary. Based on the information received, a list of applicants in financial crisis is prepared.

Embassy sources said about 8,000 expatriates have so far applied for food aid. Among them, assistance has been given to one and a half thousand people. This food aid will reach all the applicants in phases.

Regarding the distribution of food aid, the ambassador said that assistance would be provided in phases to those who have applied to the embassy for assistance. He said food distribution activities for Bangladeshi migrants have been continued in the current situation as per the directives of the Prime Minister.

“We are trying to deliver food aid to as many expatriates as allocated,” the ambassador added. He also said that contacts are being maintained with various companies in Saudi Arabia to ensure that Bangladeshi migrants are not fired in this situation.

Expatriate Bangladeshi expressed their sincere gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for providing food assistance.

It may be mentioned that the embassy started distributing food baskets to the Bangladeshi migrants from April 13 as part of the assistance of the Bangladesh government.

Correspondent: Sagar Chowdhury, April 28,2020