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Two injured in Faridganj robbery

Two injured in Faridganj robbery. A 50-year-old man named Tofail Ahmed was seriously injured when a gang of robbers entered his house in Rupsha North Union of Faridganj Upazila of Chandpur and blocked his way to collect goods.

On the other hand, a young man named Mohammad Rocky (23) was injured in another robbery at the house of West Rupsha.

Tofail Ahmed and Md.Rocky has been admitted to Chandpur Sadar Hospital.

According to local sources, a gang of 5/6 robbers broke the collapsible gate of the house of Tofail Ahmed, a businessman from West Rupsa area, at around 2pm on Friday. When they tried to snatch Tofail Ahmed’s mobile phone after entering the house, they were stopped and the robbers hacked him with a sharp weapon.

At the time of Tofail Ahmed’s shout, the people of the house around came forward and snatched the gold chain of Tofail Ahmed’s daughter’s from the robbers and then they(robbers) fled.

Later, the locals rescued the injured Tofail Ahmed and admitted him to the hospital.

A young man named Md. Saiful Islam Rocky (23) was injured in the attack of the robbers when the collapsible gate of Taher’s house was broken and he was barred from entering the house at around 3.45 pm that night. The robbers fled.

On the same night, he broke into Swapan Patwari’s house in the same area and took cash and mobile phone.

There have also been several recent incidents of cattle theft in the same union.

Police visited the scene of the theft but could not apprehend the stolen cow or the thief.

Recently, the law and order situation in Faridganj has started deteriorating day by day. Ordinary people are suffering from insecurity of life and property.

In this regard, the people of different unions said that thefts and robberies are increasing day by day due to drug addicts. The locals expressed their displeasure and said that after arresting the drug dealers and sebis, the police sent them to the court with different cases.

Regarding the robbery and theft, Faridganj Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Shahid Hossain said, “I went to the spot after getting the news.” Attempts to steal not dataty can be called. I spoke to two of the injured. They said they could not take anything. The case is under investigation on the basis of the allegations.

Correspondent: Shimul Hasan, July 10,2021