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Fasting Starts From Today In 40 Villages Of Chandpur

Fasting starts from today in 40 villages of Chandpur.People from 40 villages of Chandpur district have been fasting since Friday, April 24 in line with Saudi Arabia. They ate sehri in the morning and ate sehri in line with Saudi Arabia.

In 1928, the late Pir Maulana Ishaq (RA) of Sadra Darbar of Hajiganj Upazila first introduced this view in Bangladesh. Following in his footsteps, Muslims in the region observe every religious festival that relies on moon sightings in harmony with Saudi Arabia.

People of about 40 villages of Chandpur have been following such a tradition for many years. Maulana Abu Bakkar, son of the late Maulana Ishaq Khan, explained this to the ‘Chandpur Times’.

In his explanation, he claimed that around one crore Muslims across the country are currently fasting in line with Saudi. Not only the followers of Sadra Pari, but also the followers of various lords in the country are now fasting in line with Saudi Arabia.

“We have been observing Nafl Ramadan for the last two days,” he added. The book says to see the moon of fasting from Ramadan. That is why we have observed Nafl fast. We do Tarabi prayer on Sunday.We will start fasting for the first time on Monday by eating seheri in the morning.

People from 40 villages in four upazilas of Chandpur will start fasting from Monday. Most of the Muslims in the villages start their fast by eating sehri on Sunday night.

According to this, the following villages are Sadra, Balakhal, Manihar, Alipur, Barakul, Shameshpur, Jhankani, Ramchandrapur, Pratapur, Belchon, Uvarampur, Surangchal and Gobindpur. The villages of Faridganj are Sachanmegh, Bhulachau, Bigha, Bachpara, Khila, Ortali, Balithuba, Sholla, Rupsha, Goalvaor, Koraitali, Noarhat, Bashara, Panisair, Kamta, Paikpara, Kaitara, Toramunsira. The villages of Matlab are Ashwinpur, Nayergaon, Panchani, Dashani, Mohanpur, Ekhlaspur and Beltali and a few villages of Kachua.

Following the tradition of Saudi Arabia, the followers of Sadra Pir, the late Maulana Ishaq Khan, have been observing Ramadan and Eid a day before. He first introduced this ritual in 1931 in Sadra village of Barakul union 7 No. of Hajiganj upazila.

Chandpur Times Report, April 24,2020