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FC Bayern In The Final Of The German Cup

Bayern in the final of the German Cup.Bayern Munich survived by Robert Lewandowski. The Bavarians’ victory over Frankfurt in the German Cup semifinals was not easy. Bayern have reached the final of the German Cup for the third time in a row thanks to the Polish goal machine of the team.

Anti-apartheid movements are going on all over the world. That movement is also ignited in football. Different clubs and players have expressed solidarity with that movement. Following this, the anti-apartheid movement continued in the German Cup semi-finals. The hashtag #BlackLivesmatter is in black letters instead of the original sponsor’s name in the visiting team’s away jersey in Frankfurt.

Bayern kept Frankfurt open from the start of the match at Allianz Arena. They defeated the visitors in one attack after another and scored the first goal in the 14th minute of the match. Croatian Perisic, standing in the gap inside the box, led the team with a header from Thomas Muller’s cross. After that there were no more goals in the first half but there was no shortage of Bayern attack. Perisic, Kingsley Koeman and Lewandowski were all around the goal, but the ball was no longer in the net.

Frankfurt, who lost to Bayern in the 2018 German Cup final, found the rhythm in the second half. They also paid for the goal in the 69th minute to substitute Costa. It was Bayern’s turn to find Bayern in the first half. However, five minutes after the goal was digested, Lewandowski became the savior of the Bavarians. He ensured Bayern’s victory in the tap-in finish by standing on the goal with Mueller’s flick. Initially, the assistant referee raised the offside flag, but VAR later declared the goal valid. Lewandowski’s 46th goal this season has taken Bayern Munich one step further in their mission to win the title.

The final of the German Cup will be held on July 04 in Berlin. Hansie Flick’s team will go on a mission to win the 20th German Cup against Bayer Leverkusen on that day.

News Room, June 11,2020