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Four More Died In Corona Symptoms At Chandpur

Four more died in Corona symptoms at Chandpur district.Four more died in Chandpur district with corona symptoms. Of these, two died while undergoing treatment at the hospital, one died at his own home and another one is on the way of going hospital. samples are collecting on process all of them .

The 50-year-old CNG autorickshaw driver died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, a 5-year-old child died at Comilla Medical College Hospital, while a 30-year-old one died his home and another 30-year-old one died on the way of going hospital.

A 30-year-old youth of Shikarikandi village of Durgapur union of North Upazila died at his house on Thursday afternoon. He had coronary symptoms like fever, cold, cough etc. He was staying at his father-in-law’s house in Daudkandi in Comilla for several days while ill. From there, on Wednesday, he passed away his sister-in-law’s house in Putiarpara area of matlab ​​North Upazila.

He was brought to back home in Shikarikandi village on Thursday morning after locals are objected to his stay because of his illness.Therefore, He died at noon. The civil surgeon confirmed that a man had been sent from the civil surgeon’s office to collect his sample.

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old youth of Kamalapur village of Lakshmipur Model Union of Chandpur Sadar Upazila died on the way to the hospital on Thursday morning. Locals say the young man died of coronary symptoms. Samples were collected on suspicion of having coronas and being buried under special arrangements.

Chandpur Sadar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Sajeda Begum Pauline said that as much as I knew the victim was a CNG driver. I heard he was suffering from stomach ache. It is also a symptom of coronas. Moreover, people often do not give accurate information. Keeps disease and symptoms hidden. We have not been given the exact details of the person who died in Corona in Rampur. Later the report came out positive. So we don’t want to take any risk. We have sent a manpower to collect samples of the deceased youth and bury them in special arrangements. The sample will be sent to the IEDCR. The report will actually tell if the deceased young man was suffering from coronas.

On the other hand, a 6-year-old child of Noringpur village of Suryapara south union of Shahrashti upazila was admitted to Comilla Medical College Hospital with pneumonia and coronary symptoms. The baby died Wednesday night while undergoing treatment at the hospital. The samples were then collected for the Corona test. The report may in fact confirm whether the child was attacked in Corona.

The information has been confirmed in the Shahrashti Upazila administration and Comilla Medical College Hospital sources. Upazila executive officer said the child’s home was locked down.

Earlier, a 50-year-old CNG auto-rickshaw driver from Baburhat area of ​​Chandpur Sadar upazila was injured in a collision with another motorcycle while he was riding a motorcycle at Matlab. Especially his head was severely bruised. He was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital after becoming a Chandpur Sadar Hospital. He died on Tuesday night while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Family sources say that two or three days before he died, a corona infected patient in the side seat of the man also had various symptoms of corona. After he died, samples were collected from his body for the Corona test. His body is still in the hospital.

Sources added that the family had been informed orally that the Corona report of the man had come positive. However, the Coroner could not be confirmed as no documents were found so far.

Chandpur civil surgeon said. Sakhawat Ullah said on Thursday afternoon that I had received news of two corona symptoms in Chandpur Sadar and Matlab North. Their samples are being collected. I do not know anything about dying at Dhaka Medical and Comilla Medical. Don’t even tell me from there.

News Room,April 16,2020