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Government Is With United Nations To Fight Corona

The government is ready with the United Nations to fight Corona.In line with the World Health Organization’s global directives, the government has jointly prepared a National Preparation and Response Plan with the United Nations to combat coronavirus.

The National Preparedness and Response Plan is a planning document, jointly prepared by the United Nations and Bangladesh in collaboration with several civil society partners and other organizations.

The purpose of this document is to prepare the UN agencies and partners effectively to help the government respond in the context of the global COVID-19 epidemic, according to a UN-issued notice.

Bangladesh government, in partnership with the UN, civil society and non-governmental organizations, has taken a number of measures very quickly. Including compulsory quarantine and isolation.

There are also widespread information about the risk of the virus, social distance (social detaining), social protection (social protection) and the closure of schools and public meetings.

The globally recognized modeling methodology in which this document operates has shown that the pandemic has the potential to spread if not managed to prevent the spread of the virus. The United Nations fully agree and cooperate with the measures taken by the Government of Bangladesh to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The virus said that the virus could spread very rapidly if no preventive measures were taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Therefore, we urge all to adhere to these measures. As a result, the government and UN agencies, civil society and non-governmental organizations will have some time to strengthen the country-wide health system and thereby help the Bangladesh government to curb the epidemic.

News Room, March 29,2020