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There Are Plenty Of Hilsha Caught In Meghna

There are plenty of hilsha caught in Meghna.There are plenty of hilarious fish caught in the Meghna river for four days. The fishermen of Lakshmipur were appalled at the inaction at the time. Because of this, the price of the market hilsa has decreased. Now a hali is being sold for 500 to 600 grams of hilsa. Locals said the price of one of these sizes was double as high as before.

District Fisheries Officer Bilal Hossain said that about 250 metric tonnes of hilsa fish have been caught in the last four days. However, the final calculation will take a few more days.

Abdul Aziz, a fisherman in the village of Charabanshi in Raipur upazila, has been involved in fishing for three decades. He says the hilly fish are less caught in the river during the winter season. Last Monday night, they laid a net in Katakhali area of ​​the Meghna river. After about two hours, I see the entire net hilarious. Later, they brought the fish under cover and sold it for taka 30,000. In the last five years, he has not seen so many hilshes during the winter season.

According to sources in the district fisheries office, there are about 50,000 fishery families in the district. They live by fishing in the Meghna river. Their job is to fish and sell. But for six to seven years, the fishermen lost their professional fishermen due to lack of fish in the river. Their families were shocked when the hilsa was caught in the river.

Mizanur Rahman, a fish trader at Hatir Bazar in Ramgati upazila of Lakshmipur, said that before the arati (selling point), 150 to 200 kg of hilsa were sold every day. But from last Sunday until Wednesday, about two tons of hilsa are being sold. The price is a little lower than before. Buyers and sellers are happy with this.

Lakhmipur Sadar Upazila Meghna river area trader fish trader Md. Zahir Mia said that today, about 500 to 600 grams of hilsa fish hali has been bought for one thousand rupees. But before these fish were two thousand rupees. One kilogram of hilsa is taka 600 to 650.

District Fisheries Officer Bilal Hossain said, “I have visited some fish ghats in three upazilas of the district, and there are a lot of fish being caught in Meghna.” The jataka has been closed for the past few years. The mother has released the egg hollow seamlessly. This is why hilariousness is being detected at times. We are happy for four days too’.

Chandpur Times Report,jan 29,2020