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housewife’s hanging body was recovered in chandpur

Police have recovered the hanging body of Sabia Begum, a mother of two, in Chandpur.

The incident took place on September 16 at Manohar Khadi village in Bishnupur union of Chandpur Sadar upazila. Upon receiving the news, Chandpur Model Police Station brought the body to the police station for autopsy.

Sabiha Begum is the wife of Ismail Hossain of the area and the daughter of Azibullah of Matlab Uttar Baluchar. The family claims that she was killed and hanged. In this incident, husband Ismail and his family have covered their bodies.

Chandpur Model Police Sub-Inspector Farooq Hossain told Chandpur Times, “We went to the spot and found Sabihar’s body hanging with me in the abandoned house of Mukbul Ahmed in that village.” The suicide happened on Tuesday night due to a family quarrel.

UP member Khorshed Barkandaj and ward Juba League president Saidul Islam said the deceased Sabiha Begum had been hiding somewhere else for three months. There were also family quarrels between Sabiha and Ismail. The day before yesterday, the two of them were reconciled after arbitrating the matter. And they both told us that they would have a good family.

Meanwhile, Sabihar’s brother Pabel told the Chandpur Times that my brother-in-law Ismail Hossain and his family used to beat my sister. Unable to bear her husband’s abuse, my sister moved into a relative’s house three months ago. A few days ago, we sent my sister to her husband’s house.

The day before yesterday, my sister-in-law and her family had beaten my sister. After receiving the news, we took the sister with me and they used it very badly. And the arbitration that took place last year is a complete lie.

Pabel Hossain further said, my sister is being killed and hanged. Because since the incident, husband Ismail and his family have covered their bodies. We demand proper investigation and fair trial from the administration.

Correspondent: Asik Bin Rahim, September 16, 2020