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In Chandpur Total 145 Corona Patients Identified

145 corona patients identified in Chandpur including 16 new ones.
Corona of 16 more people have been identified in Chandpur. Among them 10 are from Faridganj, 4 from Chandpur Sadar, 1 from Kachua and 1 from Haimchar. It has been confirmed in the report that one of the victims died in Corona in the wireless area of ​​Chandpur city.

The information was given by the Civil Surgeon’s Office on Sunday afternoon, May 24.

With this, the number of people affected by corona in the district has increased to 145 people. The death toll is 12.Total 21 people have recovered. The rest are undergoing treatment.

Among the 4 newly identified people in Chandpur Sadar, there are 3 women in Chandpur town and 1 woman in Maidankhola area of ​​Kalyanpur union. Her father has also been attacked before. Out of 3 people in the city, there is 1 wireless area, the father of the previously affected patient in Mominpara and 1 ward boy of Sadar Hospital.

Sources in the Civil Surgeon’s Office further said that samples of 56 more people were tested on Saturday night. 16 of them are positive. And the remaining 40 reports are not negative.

At present there are 145 people affected by corona in Chandpur district.

Sources further said that a person from Hajiganj had given samples in two places and his report was not positive in both the places. So far he had information in two upazilas. Collecting his data on Sunday, the total number of victims has decreased by 1. In other words, a total of 145 people are affected in the district now.

Correspondent, May 24,2020