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In Chandpur Loan Of Tk. 31.5 Crore Allotted For Service Sector

In Chandpur, a loan of Tk. 31.5 crore has been allotted to Janata Bank for the service sector.In the current year (2019-2020), a loan of Tk. 31.75 crore has been allocated to the employees in 17 branches of Janata Bank in Chandpur. In the language of the bank, it is called employee loan.

In this financial year, teachers and staff of private schools, madrasas, colleges and government primary teachers apply for loans for family rituals, improvement of financial condition, solution of temporary financial problems, marriage of children, etc. Janata Bank provides this loan from the allocation of the working sector.

The information was given by a senior official of the regional office of Chandpur Janata Bank on Monday, May 04.

According to the information received, Janata Bank in Chandpur district has disbursed Tk. 15.25 crore to 648 teachers and staff in 17 branches from April this year to January-April this year.

There is a rule to pay that money in monthly installments within 48 months at 12% simple interest to each customer. Any employed customer can apply for a loan equal to 12 times the monthly salary. A customer can take this loan up to a maximum of Tk. 5 lakh.

A senior officer of the Chandpur Janata Bank regional office told the ‘Chandpur Times’, “This scheme of Janata Bank is a milestone for the employees. It is a great opportunity for the family to take various financial support.” Banks lend up to Tk. 5 lakh to a unsecured customer.

The scheme is playing a very helpful role, especially for the indigent private schools, madrasas, college teachers and government primary school teachers. It is also possible to get 100% loan from the bank in this sector.

Incidentally, Janata Bank introduced this scheme in 2004. Employees and government primary teachers like private schools, madrasas, college teachers and employees of the country from which they withdraw their salaries and allowances are the only ones who are eligible for employment sector loans.

So far, the branches of Janata Bank Champur have given loans to 25,800 people. Which is 100% recoverable. There is no chance of defaulting of loan. This is because the branch from which the salaries of private school, madrasa, college teachers-employees and government primary teachers are derived is provided by the branch.

Coorrespondent: Abdul Ghoni, May 05,2020