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In Chandpur There Is Rush To Sell TCB Products

In Chandpur, there is a rush to sell TCB products against the social distance
The trading corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) is selling the essential commodities at Chandpur on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. The dealership is being operated by 350 dealers in their own mobile trucks.

Customers are buying discounted goods along the lines of the Nawabazar-Puran Bazar Bridge in front of Palbazar city at 11 am on Wednesday, 22 April. However, even after repeated calls from members of the law enforcers and the army, the social distance of the buyers could not be maintained. It is as if the buyers are fighting to buy the product by rushing to get the product at a discounted price.

Meanwhile, TCB products are being sold in 16 trucks in Chittagong, 10 in divisional cities and 4 in district cities. The company is selling sugar, lentils, gram, sugar and soybean oil, date 5 others by truck at different points in the district. The sale will continue till May 20. However, the program will be closed on Friday.

Dealer representatives say buyers are not listening even after repeated calls. They also said that a buyer can buy a maximum of 5 kg sugar, 2 kg lentils, 2 kg sola, 2 kg dates and 5 liter of soybean oil. TCB is selling sugar and lentils at taka 50 per kg, gram at taka 60 per kg, dates at taka 120 per kg and soybean oil at taka 80 per liter.

Correspondent: Ashiq Bin Rahim, April 22,2020