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India And Pakistan Have Relaxed The Lockdown  

India and Pakistan have relaxed the lockdown.During the holy month of Ramadan, two neighboring countries, India and Pakistan, are easing the lockdown to alleviate the plight of marginalized people and keep the economy afloat. After more than a month, retail outlets have opened in some parts of India since Saturday.

India’s home ministry said on Friday night that retail outlets could be reopened on the condition of reducing staff numbers by 50 percent and maintaining proper social distance, including wearing masks and gloves.

However, the sale of alcohol and other unnecessary products is prohibited. In addition, large markets or shopping malls will be closed until May 3. So far, 24,506 people in India have been infected with the coronavirus, and 775 have died.

Another neighboring country, Pakistan, has extended the lockdown until May 9, but has allowed a limited number of businesses to operate. In addition, the country has introduced a tracking system since Saturday to control the movements of corona victims or at risk.

Separating the affected people and their relatives will help revive our economy and help people get back to work,” said Asad Umar, Pakistan’s planning minister.

“This month of Ramadan will be difficult,” he said. However, the government will restart some parts of the economy in line with the virus prevention measures.

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, the ban on prayers in mosques has been lifted all over Pakistan except Sindh province. Although most mosques in Karachi have been closed for so long, they have been reopened since Friday. Although doctors have warned, it could further increase the incidence of the corona epidemic.

As of Saturday, a total of 11,940 corona patients had been identified in Pakistan, with at least 253 dying.

News Room,April 25,2020