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Whole District Of Chandpur Is Now Infected By Corona

In chandpur whole district including 3 people in south matlab is now infected by corona.

Corona patients have also been identified in Matlab South Upazila of Chandpur. This led to confirmation of corona infection throughout the district.

On Thursday, May 14, a doctor at Matlab ICDDRB Hospital, the doctor’s two-and-a-half-year-old child and a staff member of the hospital tested positive for corona. They sent samples to ICDDRB Dhaka Center. From there, the report of the sample test on Thursday came out as corona positive. However, their information has been included with Chandpur district as they are working on purpose and are undergoing treatment there.

With this, the number of people affected by corona in Chandpur district has increased to 64. At present, the upazila-wise statistics of 64 people affected by Corona in the district are: 37 in Chandpur Sadar, 7 in Faridganj, 4 in Hajiganj, 6 in Matlab North, 3 in Matlab South, 3 in Kachua, 2 in Haimchar and 2 in Shahrasti.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Sakhawat Ullah said on Thursday night that the corona infection had spread to all the upazila of the district through the identification of corona patients in the Matlab south. Now we need to be more aware and protect ourselves from Corona. Especially in order to ensure social distance, everyone should stay at home without any urgent need.

News Room, May 15,2020