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25 more people identified as infected in Chandpur

Out of 127 samples from Corona Lab in Chandpur, corona of 25 people has been identified. The number of corona cases in the district has increased to 3006 including new ones. The death toll is 90. 2785 people have recovered. At present 131 people are undergoing treatment.

Among those identified as Corona are 9 from Chandpur Sadar Upazila, 7 from Hajiganj, 3 from Faridganj, 3 from Shahrasti, 2 from Matlab South and 1 from Haimchar. On the same day, 4 people have been declared corona free. Among them 2 are from Chandpur Sadar upazila, 1 from Hajiganj and 1 from Kachua.

This information was given by the Civil Surgeon’s Office on Wednesday, March 24.

At present, the upazila-wise statistics of 3006 people infected by corona in Chandpur district are: 1314 in Chandpur Sadar, 326 in Faridganj, 315 in Matlab South, 272 in Shahrashti, 268 in Hajiganj, 223 in Matlab North, 178 in Haimchar and 110 Kachua.

The upazila-wise statistics of 90 deaths in Corona district are as follows: 29 in Chandpur Sadar, 17 in Hajiganj, 14 in Faridganj, 11 in Matlab North, 7 in Shahrasti, 6 in Kachua, 5 in Matlab South and 1 in Haimchar.

Correspondent: March 25,2021