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In Chandpur, 13,000 people identified as infected so far

In Chandpur, 13,000 people were identified and 214 died. In Chandpur, corona of 76 out of 293 samples has been identified. The number of people infected with corona in the district has increased to 13,010 with new cases. On the same day, 4 people died in Corona. The death toll has risen to 214.

On Friday, the sample ratio was 25.90%. However, no rapid antigen test was conducted in the district on that day. Chandpur Civil Surgeon’s Office sources said.

Among the new victims are 44 from Chandpur Sadar Upazila, 14 from Hajiganj, 8 from Faridganj, 8 from Matlab South, 1 from Haimchar and 1 from Matlab North.

On the same day, 336 people were declared corona-free. Of these, 119 are from Chandpur Sadar Upazila, 44 from Faridganj, 26 from Hajiganj, 12 from Matlab South, 23 from Kachua, 12 from Matlab North, 62 from Shahrashti and 38 from Haimchar.

So far 9716 people have been declared healthy. At present the number of patients undergoing treatment is 3078. Of these, 99 are hospitalized. The rest are in home isolation.

News Room, August 14,2021