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2899 people identified as infected in Chandpur so far

Total 2899 people identified as infected in Chandpur.In the last 24 hours, 4 more corona have been identified in Chandpur. In the report of 67 samples obtained, 4 corona were identified. The reports of the remaining 63 people came negative.

A total of 2,899 people have been infected by Corona in the district. Of these, 2,753 have recovered.

The number of affected people is 1265 in Chandpur Sadar, 176 in Haimchar, 212 in Matlab North, 309 in Matlab South, 317 in Faridganj, 249 in Hajiganj, 107 in Kachua and 264 in Shahrashti. Besides, 4 people from Dhaka, 2 people from Laxmipur, 30 people from Matlab (South) ICDDRB, 1 person from Comilla Medical College and 1 person from Narayanganj are affected. This information was obtained from the sources of Chandpur Civil Surgeon’s Office.

According to the source, 67 samples of corona test report were obtained from MA Wadud RT PCR Lab.

In Chandpur district, the number of deaths due to corona is 88 so far.

Excluding the number of healthy and dead, 58 people are currently undergoing treatment. The number of deaths in the upazila is: 28 in Chandpur Sadar, 14 in Faridganj, 17 in Hajiganj, 7 in Shahrasti, 6 in Kachua, 11 in Matlab North, 4 in Matlab South and 1 in Haimchar.

Correspondent, March 16,2021