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13 crore 88 lakh infected in world

Number of cases of coronavirus is increasing worldwide. Death is also increasing with that. As a result, 13,513 people died worldwide on Thursday, April 15 in the morning. 8 lakh 3 thousand 194 people have been newly identified.

This information was obtained from the website WorldoMiters, which keeps the statistics of coronavirus internationally at 8:30 am on Thursday.

It was informed that so far 13 crore 88 lakh 28 thousand 234 corona patients have been identified all over the world. 29 lakh 85 thousand 468 people have died. And 11 crore 16 lakh 10 thousand 416 people have recovered.

According to the latest data, the United States has the highest number of deaths from coronavirus in the world. So far 5 lakh 78 thousand 92 people have died in Corona in the country. 3 crore 21 lakh 49 thousand 223 people have been identified. And 2 crore 46 lakh 96 thousand 161 people have recovered from Corona.

After the United States, India is the most affected country in Corona. In Asia, India is more troubled than Corona. So far 1 crore 40 lakh 70 thousand 890 people have been diagnosed with corona in the country and 1 lakh 73 thousand 152 people have died.

News Room, April 15,2021