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19 crore 67 lakh infected in world

Pandemic coronavirus has spread all over the world. More than 42 lakh people have died in Corona so far. About 19 crore 67 lakh people have been infected. The positive news is that 17 crore 81 lakh people have already recovered from Corona.

On Thursday, july 29, 42,03,599 people had died from the coronavirus, according to the WorldoMiters, which has statistics on the number of deaths and illnesses from the coronavirus worldwide. 19 crore 66 lakh 92 thousand 497 people of the world have been infected with this virus.

However, many people have recovered after being infected with corona. So far, 17 crore 81 lakh 533 thousand 181 people have recovered from the corona.

News Room, July 29,2021