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20 crore 74 lakh infected so far in world

Coronavirus killed more than eight and a half thousand lives in one day around the world. The total number of deaths due to the pandemic has exceeded 43 lakh 66 thousand.

More than 5 lakh 65 thousand corona were identified on Saturday. With this, the total number of infected people in Covid is more than 20 crore 74 lakh 75 thousand.

Indonesia is still at the top of daily deaths. 1,270 people have died in the country in 24 hours. Brazil is in the next position. On this day 919 people died in the country. And 819 people died in Russia. Mexico has seen more than 600 deaths in one day. About 500 people have died in India. Covid has killed 466 people in Iran.

Meanwhile, the United States tops the list of daily infections. On Saturday, more than 71,000 corona patients were identified in the country.

News Room, August 15,2021