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‘Jatka’ protection operation continues in Chandpur

For two months from March to April, the District Task Force continues their operation in the Padma-Meghna area of ​​Chandpur to protect Jatka. On Sunday, the 6th day of the operation, the Coast Guard and Naval Police are conducting separate missions.

Meanwhile, BGFN has already started distributing rice and food to the fishermen.

However, the fishermen complained that BGF’s 40 kg of rice could not run their family in any way. It is not good enough. They also said that many professional fishermen did not come under the registration process.

According to the district administration, the operation will continue till April 30 to protect Jatka.

Members of the law-enforcement forces, led by the district administration and managed by the fisheries department, are conducting raids across large areas of the Padma and Meghna rivers.

The Fisheries Act provides for a maximum imprisonment of two years and a fine of TK. 5,000 or both for violators of the ban.

Correspondent: Shariful Islam, March 07,2022