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Lockdown Again In China: 4 Lakh People Blocked

Lockdown again in China: 4 lakh people blocked.China has again locked down an area near Beijing as coronavirus infections began to increase in the second phase. At least 400,000 people in Anjin County, Hebei Province, are trapped.

Chinese authorities said on Sunday that the city of Anjin would be completely cordoned off and under control. At the time of the epidemic, the same restrictions that had been imposed on Uhan were returned to Anjin.

As a result, from now no one will be able to go out except the vital workmen living in the city. Only one person can go out once a day to buy daily necessities.

Coronavirus has recently been detected in 18 people in Anjin, a city just 150 kilometers from Beijing. Immediately after this, the authorities took strict measures to prevent the spread of the infection.

In addition, 14 new patients have been identified in Beijing in the last 24 hours. In the last two weeks, more than three hundred new patients were found there. Although the number of new infections in China is much lower than in other countries, they have taken drastic steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

Several areas in Beijing have been placed under curfew, travel has been restricted, and samples of large numbers of people are being tested.

China has been without a new corona patient for about 57 days before the recent infection. Last March, the number of patients there crossed 80,000, but since then only 4,700 people have been added to the list. However, in mid-June, coronavirus began to spread locally in and around Beijing.

News Room, June 29,2020