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In Corona Test Mashrafe Is Positive Again

Mashrafe bin Mortaza was infected with coronavirus on June 20. Since then, he has not had any physical complications. He is undergoing treatment at his home in Mirpur. The former national team captain underwent corona test four days ago as his body was feeling healthy. However, the good news did not come.

Mashrafe is positive again in Corona test. This means that this legendary captain has to be under house for some more time.

It has been 14 days since the coronavirus was caught. As per the rules, the test was supposed to be done on Saturday. But Mashrafe took the test again last Tuesday. But he was not released from Corona.

It was known from the family sources of this cricketer that even after testing the sample for the second time, he is Corona Positive. The star cricketer also admitted the veracity of the news in the media. This means having to stay at home for now.

Meanwhile, after Mashrafe, his younger brother Morsalin bin Mortaza was also infected by Corona. Like his elder brother, he is in good physical condition.

News Room, july 04,2020