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Maternity leave

Maternity leave introduced in football

FIFA has approved a 14-week maternity leave for women footballers. On Friday, FIFA’s board of directors approved the new law.

According to FIFA sources, women footballers will get 14 weeks maternity leave under this law. It is mandatory to give at least 8 weeks leave after the birth of the child. At the end of the maternity leave, clubs will be forced to re-engage their women footballers in football. The club will have to provide medical treatment even at the end of the holiday.

In a Twitter message, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “The main heroes of football are the players, they are the main attraction of the game. We need to ensure permanent arrangements for the bright careers of women footballers. We have taken this step regarding their maternity leave needs. This decision has been taken so that they do not have to worry about anything at this time.”

The new law will provide greater benefits for players as well as coaches, the FIFA president said.

The FIFA president said: “The 14-week maternity leave law guarantees players two-thirds of their contract money. FIFA will also tighten the club’s involvement with maternity women footballers.”

News Room, December 05,2020